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Pittsburgh Junk Removal is your source for quick and specialist debris and scrap removal in Taylor, PA and other Steel City residential areas of Allegheny County. We provide quick cleanout solutions at the most competitive prices for appliance removal, building and construction clean-up, building cleanouts and much more. Our objective is to provide same day solutions whenever feasible with the utmost consumer treatment at a simple flat price.

Company services

Pittsburgh Junk Removal provides excellent scrap and debris removal solutions in Taylor, Pennsylvania and neighboring and areas at a tremendously competitive rate range. We provide the friendliest solutions in the timeliest fashion. Our team has years of experience loading up and eliminating scrap from debris to hot tubs, furnishings, home appliances and even more. Our solutions include:

Yard Waste Removal

To effectively maintain your lawn, you need to clean up every from time to time. Keeping your environments and your residence visually pleasing usually means picking up fallen leaves or branches. This can come to be aggravating, specifically if it's so warm outside or at the time of heavy rainfall. We are there to banish limbs, soil, dust, old tires, rocks, sticks, trash and even more from your lawn. Contact our specialists to get your scrap gotten rid of in a snap.

Learn more about our YARD WASTE REMOVAL service

Appliance removal

Everyone replaces their broken or old appliances every once in a while - whether it is an update to a much better one or changing a broken appliance. The issue is that these wastes can not be disposed of usually like other junk as they much more harmful to the natural environment. Our appliance removal company takes care of your old and broken appliance, including fridges, freezers, dishwashers, stoves, ovens, washing machines, dryers and even more.

Learn more about our HOME APPILANCE REMOVAL service

Furniture removal

Suppose you are planning to renovate your house or workplace. There's a great chance you will want to replace your old furniture. Now you need the old and broken pieces discarded from your workplace or your home fast. Whatever the scenario is, we are there to sort it out. Our company assists in lifting and transporting all kinds of furniture, including couches, sofas, sectionals, love seats, recliner chairs, beds, mattresses, ottomans, hutches, tables, chairs, and even more.

Learn more about our FURNITURE REMOVAL service

Property Cleanouts

In some situations, you will need to clear out items from an entire house, workplace, or commercial area. It can be a big job without the assistance of a strong company. We can help you haul away refuse and debris of all kinds for estate cleanouts, home cleanouts, workplace cleanouts, real estate and house flipping projects, hoarding clean up, and more. We sort and get rid of waste from attics, cellars, garages, bedrooms, sheds, storage units, and living areas.

Learn more about our PROPERTY CLEANOUT service

Hot tub removal

Whether you are changing your hot tub with an all new model or you want to haul it away altogether, we can give a hand in moving the old tub or spa from your residence. Lifting and transporting such a huge piece of material is not an effortless job. Our company is trained and skilled to deal with these massive hunks of plastic, fiberglass and metal. We get rid of spas without creating a mess or damaging your property and deposit them in a regional garbage dump or recycling.

Learn more about our HOT TUB REMOVAL service

Technology removal

Technology-based items such as televisions, computer screens, printers, copiers, phones, microwaves, air conditioning units, and other electronics don't function forever. The older models that must be replaced can not be discarded like normal refuse as they contain chemicals and other harmful substances and can pollute the natural environment. Our company helps you with the disposal of such items safely, which helps in conserving the natural environment.

Learn more about our ELECTRONICS REMOVAL service


Junk removal can be a headache and aggravating job. Whether you are improving after building and construction, or you wish to get rid of any type of trash and debris left over after refurbishing your residence such as roof covering or exterior siding, our team is there for help! Our scrap removal specialists make every effort to deliver the very best high quality solutions throughout any type of clean-ups and clear-outs. Our customer-friendly staff members are pure experts and provide the very best and tidy scrap removal solutions like none other in eastern Pittsburgh.

Our friendly customer service folks give you an accurate estimate for our services prior to commencing the clean-up process to help you understand what you will have to pay when work is completed to avoid any disagreements about the costs at the time of payment. Contact our crew today to help you get rid of all that waste. Call our Taylor pros now!

About Us

Pittsburgh Junk Removal supplies excellent scrap removal solutions in Taylor, Stewart, North Versailles, Monroeville, Turtle Creek, North Braddock, Wilkins Township, Eastmont, Level Green, Duquesne, Garden City, and other nearby Pittsburgh areas at one of the most competitive rate.

We help our clients maintain their building tidy and neat. Whether it is a commercial or a household site, our team works efficiently and quickly to help you get rid of all the scrap in your building. Our primary goal is to serve our clients and keep them satisfied with our solutions.

Our team has all the tools and scrap removal capabilities for routine scrap removal. We use trucks, dollies, and lifts, to help you in no time, no matter just how big your requirements are.

We are your go-to scrap removal firm in our area. We provide residence and repossession cleanout solutions, appliance removal, jacuzzi and lawn waste removal solutions and much more.

Contact our customer support representatives today to book service. Talk with our customer support agent to get an estimate for your solution and to get an idea concerning the prices. Reach out to us today to get your trash transported away safely and quickly.

Junk Removal Pittsburgh

If you need any type of help eliminating debris or any type of other undesirable product from your residence or other commercials locations, call Pittsburgh Junk Removal to get customized solutions. Our knowledgeable and competent team provide you aid with all kinds of rubbish removal choices at cost effective rates. Whether you are changing your old furnishings, changing out your jacuzzi, or have any type of digital waste saved in your basement that you need to discard, we are there to provide you with the very best solutions in the area.

We provide top quality solutions at a flat price. Whether you need us to get rid of the debris from your lawn or any type of home appliances, the cost of the services depends on the load quantity.

Unlike other scrap removal business, we are not limited to any type of single method of removal. Our team is furnished with all modern-day lorries and equipment for different kinds of scrap removal. With these devices, we can handling all kinds of materials, despite just how big they are. When you need help to get rid of any type of scrap or rubbish from your residence or other industrial building in Taylor, you can rely on us. Our top-notch solutions are simply a call away.

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